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The Parish Pastoral Council will maintain four committees to support the growth and ministry of the parish, based on the recommendation of Bishop Bambera:

Nomination Form

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parish pastoral council: Nomination Form

If you are interested in serving on the Parish Pastoral Council, please fill out and submit the and#8220;Parish Pastoral Council Nomination Formand#8221; below. To serve on the Council, you must meet all of the following requirements:

To submit a andquot;Parish Pastoral Council Nominationandquot;, fill out the form below and click the and#8220;Submit Nominationand#8221; button to submit your nomination. If you make a mistake, click the and#8220;Start Overand#8221; button to reset the form.



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  1. Registered member of the Parish?
  2. Baptized, practicing Catholic
  3. Over 18 years of age?
  4. Participant in Parish worship life, especially the Mass and sacraments?
  5. Willing to participate in an orientation and a discernment process or election?

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