good shepherd: Summer Festival

Festival Corner

2017 Festival Recap

All invoices have been received and the following is a recap of the income and expenses for this year’s festival:

  • Our expenses for 2017 were $39,026.26, up from 2016’s $32,970.33, for an increase of $6,055.93. Included in the increase is the purchase of the storage container, several years’ supply of game prizes, an increase in the fireworks cost, and extra rental costs.
  • Our income for 2017 was $54,057.20, down from the $58,267.29 raised in 2016, leaving a difference of $4,210.09. We saw a decrease in the number of raffle tickets, lottery tickets, and sponsorship purchases.
  • So, our profit for the 2017 festival is $15,030.94, down from $25,297.17 in 2016.

The committee again thanks all our volunteers for their efforts and hard work. Every amount we raise for Good Shepherd helps us to continue as a parish.