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He is Risen…Alleluia!

Contacting our Pastor, Office Manager, and Webmaster

Because of the inordinate amount of spam that has recently been received via our email contact forms, please direct all inquiries to Father McHugh, Erin Braddock, and Chris Tino to the email address for the parish: gsch@ptd.net. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

From the Pastor…Fr. McHugh

This past week, I began reading Clarence Enzler’s Let Us Be What We Are. The book is by the author of the Stations book that we have used for the past few years. I found Chapter 4 of the book, entitled “Surrounded by Love,” fascinating and particularly appropriate for Holy Week. Enzler contrasted his own major surgery with Jesus’ passion and death. Enzler stated that unlike Jesus, he was very angry at a person who was going to take over his position while he was undergoing and recovering from surgery. The person, whose career he helped, did not notify him that he was, indeed, taking over a project important to Enzler. As Jesus had the support of Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary, Enzler had the support of his wife and family as he awaited surgery. Jesus was seized in the Garden by His opponents; Enzler had the comfort of his family as he awaited surgery. While Jesus had to climb the hill to Calvary carrying a crossbeam, Enzler was wheeled into surgery. The medical staff made Enzler as comfortable as they could while soldiers treated Jesus harshly. Enzler bled during surgery, but had the blood replaced by donors, while Jesus just bled. Enzler concluded his major surgery was but a sliver of the cross that Jesus bore.

Know Your Parish Council

Go to the Pastoral Council section of our website (use navigation bar on the left side of this page) to learn about this ministry and to see an updated list of Council members. You will also find a nomination form there which you may submit online if you are interested in serving on the Good Shepherd Parish Council.


RCiA at Good Shepherd

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is in full gear. Candidates for entrance into the Catholic Church are dismissed after the homily to discuss the Scriptures with RCIA team members. Candidates also meet every two weeks with RCIA team members to discuss our Catholic faith. Presentations will be made on important topics by the RCIA team and after Easter by me. Anyone wishing to become a Catholic should notify RCIA Coordinator, Barry Kraynack, or me. Those who complete the program will be admitted into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil in 2015.

RCIA Team Members Needed

We can always use people who are practicing Catholics who are informed about their faith (you need not be a scholar) to become part of the RCIA team. Two team members in particular are needed to discuss the readings and the homily with the candidates at the weekend Mass they attend. At present, we have five team members, of which three are communion ministers or lectors, another, the president of the Parish Council, and the other, our Youth Minister.

2014 Festival Fundraisers

To see all of the fundraisers for the 2014 Festival, go to the “Fundraising” page of our website.

Retreats for Men

Six retreats are offered by the Benedictine monks of St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, PA over weekends Friday evening to Sunday afternoon running from May 16 to July 25. Go to the "Community" page of our website.

Bingo at Good Shepherd Church

Bingo every Tuesday evening at Good Shepherd. Doors open at 5:00 PM, games start at 6:00 PM.

Good Shepherd Lottery - 2014

Good Shepherd Lotteryt

Tickets are on sale before and after weekend Masses in the Holy Family Room or by calling the Parish Office at (570) 788-3141

Quick Links: Good Shepherd Events – Sunday, April 20 to Sunday, April 27

Ministry Schedules

All new Ministry Schedules for Holy Week and April through June are now available on the “Downloads” page of our website for Extraordinary Ministers, Altar Servers, Lectors, Cantors/Accompanists, and Greeters.

Music Ministry – Hymn and Responsorial Psalm Selections (Apr 13, 2014 to June 8, 2014)

Hymn selections and Responsorial Psalm selections are now available on the “Downloads” page of our website.

Looking for St. John Bosco Information?

Because Good Shepherd Church and St. John Bosco Church of Conyngham, Pennsylvania are no longer “linked,” you will note that this site is devoted to matters related primarily to Good Shepherd Church. You may visit the St. John Bosco website at www.stjohnboscochurch.org or contact them by phone at (570) 788-1997, or email: stjb@ptd.net.